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Puzzles Forum Jigsaw Forum. Tell us about the jigsaw you are solving. Preservation, contests and more.
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Buy puzzles personalized with your picture
Personalized puzzles Jigsaw puzzles with your picture.

Download page of the game Puzzletron
Download jigsaw puzzle game With Puzzletron you can make jigsaw puzzles with any picture and solve it in the computer screen.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Facts


List of web sites to order a jigsaw puzzle from a picture

In this page we will list web sites where you can order a custom photo puzzle. These are puzzles made with any picture you want such a family picture made by you or a good photography you like. They are a great gift for Christmas, wedding anniversaries, birthdays...


photo puzzle


This company makes high quality personalized puzzles. You only have to select the type of puzzle you want and send them the picture you want for the puzzle. You can send the picture through an online form (the easiest and fastest way), by e-mail or by regular mail. You will get your custom made photo puzzle in a few days. There are a wide range of puzzle types, sizes and number of pieces. The smallest puzzle has 6 pieces and costs 15.95 US$ and the largest has 1500 pieces and costs 159.95 US$. There are also shaped puzzles and photo collage puzzles. Orders are attend from all around the world.

Personalized puzzles at Jigsaw2order.



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Online Puzzles


Here you can find jigsaw puzzles to play online. We add new puzzles from time to time.

Rockley Beach - Barbados

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Also known as Accra Beach, this very popular south coast beach offers a combination of exciting waves and calm swimming. Relax on the soft white sand.


Welcome to the oficial downloading point of the Puzzletron game

Puzzletron is a game to generate your own jigsaw puzzles from any picture you have on your computer or from the images that come with the program and solve them on your computer screen.

You can make a big variety of puzzles using any picture you have in your computer such as your own pictures from trips or any image downloaded from the Internet. Also, the program comes with sample pictures.



Download Puzzletron

Download jigsaw puzzle game

To make a puzzle you only have to select the image and set a few parameters to generate the puzzle:

- Amount of vertical pieces
- Amount of horizontal pieces
- Normal or sliding puzzle

Once the puzzle has been created you can begin assembling the jigsaw with an intuitive interface.
Of course you can save the puzzles, do zoom on the pictures, preview the solved image and much more.

Ideal for children and adults.

Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista or 7

Current version: 4.0

Licence: Shareware


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